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Toenail Fungus, A Podiatrists Daily Grind

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Fungus Be Gone!

At it again, unsightly nails, crumbling when cut, it can get smelly and worst of all…if you have to file that nail and put some nail lacquer on it one more time you might go NUTS!

Fungal nails are a problem and not just a cosmetic problem. For many they can be a source of foot pain, embarrassment, discomfort in footwear, and a potential health risk. Treatment is tough and most topical remedies require 40 hours of a full time week to apply correctly or have as much hope of working as Richmond winning the AFL Grandfinal two years in a row. The reality is, it’s tough!

Most people want a magic bullet when it comes to nail fungus treatment. Currently, the best thing on the market which won’t cause nausea, diarrhea, gas, headache, dizziness, and a chance of liver failure is laser therapy.

Does it work? Yes. Will it work for me? Likely. Every day I see people with fungal nail infections and they usually always wait for the very last moment before they succumb to the fact that their home remedies aren’t working. I’ve heard of people using Vicks VaporRub, peeing on your toes in the shower (thanks Madonna) and meditating. Yep…meditating. What might  be worth a go is daily use of white vinegar – that stuff can be magical for some and ineffective for others; if you notice it’s not getting better stop and try something else.

Each time I treat a fungal nail I have the motto of ‘go hard or go home.’ Nail fungus is tough to treat and it takes some time to see results. The nail needs to grow out and importantly you need to continually keep rigorous hygiene to prevent re-infection. Assume the fungus is everywhere, in your shoes, socks, bed sheets, flooring, bathroom ect. I usually tell people to put their shoes in the sun, wash their socks with antifungal washing powder, and not to be shy with the use of bleach on appropriate flooring. Typically the greatest risk factor for acquiring a fungal nail infection is previously having an infection and fungal skin infections can have a re-infection rate of 40% in the next 5 years. It’s pretty high and miserable but that doesn’t mean cure can’t be achieved. I have successfully treated many nails which haven’t re-infected.

Daily, my challenge in treating a fungal nails is correcting its cosmetic appearance. I hold confidence we can kill the nail fungus but killing the fungus doesn’t necessarily mean your nail will return to its bran spanking old self. There is always lies the chance that the nail may still remain thickened or lifted from the nail bed. A fungal cure doesn’t always mean a cosmetic cure.

Below is a scenario that I never thought the nail would look like normal again but with time I was even shocked. I’ve added time frames for you just to show you how lengthy the process can be.

Over and Out, Mitch   8/02/2018 11:24pm