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Sportspeople aim for the best performance at the highest level. Taking very good care of their feet is the utmost importance for them. The slightest pain or discomfort in their feet can be an obstacle in their path to success.

A podiatrist plays an exceptional role in the performance of an athlete. This is because podiatrists understand foot function, lower limb biomechanics and muscle activation patterns like no other medical professional. They key to a good treatment plan is to first identify the cause of the foot pain or other lower limb pain you may have. This is requires in depth knowledge of anatomy of your feet and legs.

We take this one step further. Our podiatrists are trained in diagnostic ultrasound imaging of the foot and ankle. This take the guess work out of  diagnosis, saves time and money for costly scans, and gives you a real life image of your problem. The benefits of this are immense, not only does it save time and money, we have real measurable results from treatment.

Once a diagnosis or identification of the foot pain is assessed we can then work on the healing, strengthening and rehabilitation of the injury to get you back doing what you love.

Our approach to your pain is unique and we understand that as an athlete your whole body is put under immense stress. This can also result in changes to biomechanics, forces and muscle activation resulting in your foot pain. That’s why Eltham Foot Clinic podiatrists have teamed up with Movability, By Dan. Dan has trained as an Exercise Physiologist, Majoring in Human Structure and Function, and has worked alongside Australia’s leading Strength and Conditioning coaches at VFL Casey Football Club, AFL Melbourne Football Club and NRL Melbourne Storm. Together as a team, our podiatry services alongside Dan allows us to manage unique foot, leg and back problems which other medical practitioners can’t resolve.

Our highly trained and experienced staff members at Eltham Foot Clinic are professionals in the field of and sports podiatry.We hold membership with the international sports podiatry body, Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

We have the knowledge and resources at our disposal to provide the best appropriate podiatric treatment and advice for sports people, including recommendations for running shoes, football boots, ballet points and other sporting footwear.

Take the advice of professionals in the field of podiatry to make sure not to miss out on 1st place ever again.

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