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Heel Pain, Winter and Slippers

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As Winter is fast approaching again and the all familiar slipper gets pulled out for all day wear, Eltham Foot Clinic would like to do everyone a favour with this public service announcement: please don’t wear slippers all day (already suffering? have a read of our heel pain post). “How controversial” you may be wondering, but seriously please don’t. It is one of the contributing factors to heel pain and plantar fasciitis; a painful one at that! This is how the conversation all too often starts:

“I’ve had heel pain for a few weeks and it’s not getting better. I’m pretty sure its plantar fasciitis but I’m too busy to rest and it’s convenient to be in slippers around the house particularly when it’s cold. Mornings are so painful with first steps in the morning and aching feet by the end of the day. I’m fed up with it all especially having to be on my feet for most of the day. The heel pain throbs at the end of the day, I’ve let it go for a while thinking it would get better but it’s only getting worse.”

Regular use of slippers can cause plantar fasciitis and heel pain.
One step away from a pain in the heel! What not to do.

If this is you, let’s work together to make the winter enjoyable for you. For your first appointment, an ultrasound is used to confirm a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. We then work through any aggravating factors, educate and come up with a tailored plan for you. This may include stretching, exercises, laser therapy, shockwave therapy orthoses and more. The important thing to remember is how a management is implemented. It needs to be timed, tailored and measured for your specific needs. That’s what creates success in management of such a difficult foot problem.

Here are our tips to avoid/reduce your risks of getting plantar fasciitis this winter:

  • Wear your orthotics in those slippers (boot-styled slippers work well for this)
  • If you do decide to wear slippers, wear them for a short amount of time
  • Stick to your supportive shoes around the house (great motivators for getting your steps in throughout the day)
  • Keep active and stretch where you can

If you are finding that you get regular plantar fasciitis or you’re not seeing any improvements, please give us a call on 9431 1138 and our friendly receptionists would be happy to help book you in a time that suits you to see one of our highly qualified podiatrists

Enjoy your winter and stay warm!