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What is prolotherapy?

A great way to think of prolotherapy is the opposite of a cortisone injection. It is a natural solution treatment, with no side effects, to help repair ligaments, tendons, and nerves. It is a regenerative injection therapy or also known as proliferation therapy.

Prolotherapy injections are used for injured joints and connective tissue. It’s aim is to accelerate the healing process in a specific targeted area, usually the injury site which triggers the body’s healing response. This leads to the growth of new, healthy ligaments or tendon fibres or modifies nerve fibres. As a result, less pain, stiffness, and improved strength, function and mobility of the area is achieved.

Because prolotherapy stimulates growth of tissue, it is most effective on chronic conditions which have been present for either months or even years.

What are the risks?

Prolotherapy is a natural alternative to platelet rich plasma therapy, and has significantly less risk than a cortisone injection. There is no need for general anaesthesia or hospital stays. It can all be done under in our clinic rooms under diagnostic ultrasound.

How is prolotherapy performed?

We perform prolotherapy in clinic and the entire process can take less than 30 minute, including the prep time. It is necessary to bring with you any scans you may have had prior to your appointment. At Eltham Foot Clinic we have an on site diagnostic ultrasound machine. This allows us to pinpoint the exact area of concern and inject as accurate as possible into the tissue of concern. We are also able to numb the area to be injected in a pain free manner so you don’t feel a thing during prolotherapy.

What is the recovery period?

Immediately after prolotherapy, mild swelling or stiffness may be experienced. At times, this may notice these symptoms for one week. Most people return to activity the next day with no complications.

At Eltham Foot Clinic, we incorporate prolotherapy into our management of chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, joint pain and instability, chronic ankle instability, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, Morton’s neuroma and many more musculoskeletal conditions.

We also perform neural prolotherapy for those with chronic nerve pain in their feet and legs. This is a highly trained technique as detailed knowledge of both neural anatomy, pathology, physiology and specialised diagnostic ultrasound equipment is required.

Prolotherapy has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment options. Click here to view a journal supporting the use of prolotherapy for musculoskeletal pain.

If you have tried everything with no success, be it your toes, feet, ankles, knees or random nerve pain down your legs which has yet to be resolved, this treatment may be for you. Call us today on 9431 1138 or book online.

Watch this quick video below of what to expect.