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Who We Are

We Pride ourselves on providing the Best Medical Service to our Customers 100% of the time.

Our vision isn’t just to provide podiatry; our vision is to step into the future of foot health. With many health professionals and so many choices in the market often confusion can set in leaving you wondering “am I seeking treatment in the right place, or is this the right treatment?”
At Eltham Foot Clinic we stay ahead of by providing the latest treatments in podiatric care, medically sound and clinically relevant treatments. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality care, correct diagnosis and treatment plans that get results.

Meet Our Team:
Mitchel Daoud: Mitchel is the principal podiatrist at Eltham Foot Clinic. He completed his degree with honours and has also attained a Masters of Podiatric Practice. During his thesis, Mitchel undertook comprehensive research on the effect of footwear on sporting injuries, barefoot running and muscle strength. Prior coming to Eltham Mitchel attained experience with diabetic feet in North Central Victoria and 6 years in a Melbourne private practice managing sporting injuries, children’s feet, orthotics, corn/callus care, warts and ingrown toe nails. Today,
Mitchel has two main specialty interests, one being everyday nail problems faced by the public, such as fungal toenails and ingrown toenails, and the other being managing complex foot and ankle problems caused by sporting injuries, orthopaedic deformity or neurological conditions. Mitchel’s innovation and thought in these complex cases is holistic and realistic, and treatment is relevant. For these reasons, Mitchel prides himself on offering the highest level of podiatric care and is known for his surgical techniques in the removal of ingrown toenails.

Aleisha Fato: Aleisha is an exceptionally trained podiatrist in all facets of the
profession. Graduating from LaTrobe University, Aleisha sought employment at
Eltham Foot Clinic. From this point, Aleisha has 10 years of experience in managing and catering to the foot health needs of the Nillumbik Shire locals and surrounding areas. During this time Aleisha has utilised specialised techniques such as fungal nail laser therapy, ingrown toenail surgery and orthotic prescriptions. Aleisha enjoys managing all foot conditions such as general nail and callus/corn care, diabetic feet, children’s feet, sports injuries, and ingrown toe nails. She is highly trained in dry needling of the lower limbs. More than anything, Aleisha enjoys spending time with her family and three young children.

Our podiatrists are members of the Australian Podiatry Association and the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, this ensures you that we keep up to date with the latest treatments.

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Other than laser fungal nail therapy, nail restoration and orthotics, the clinic is highly qualified to diagnose and treat these following foot conditions

Eltham Foot Clinic also provides high quality sports podiatry services.

Ingrown toenails
Fungal nails
Cracked heals
Plantar warts/verrucae
Tinea/athletes foot
Stress fractures
Claw toes
Arch pain
Heel pain, plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonitis
Flat feet
Shin splints
Pain in the knee, hip and lower back
Childrens feet, development and walking