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Heel, knee or other pain in your feet can be easily treated with the right diagnosis and treatment. Eltham Foot Clinic specialises in orthotic prescribing. They utilise the latest 3D digital scanning technology to ensure the correct prescription can be devised for your orthotics.

Foot orthotics are very useful to correct abnormal or irregular walking and running patterns that can be the cause of your discomfort.

They are designed to alter the angles at which the foot strikes the surface, thus improving the comfort of walking, running and even standing. They can also be used for arthritic pain in the feet to reduce foot pain.

Foot orthotics therefore serve to minimise stress forces that could lead to foot pain/deformity, lower limb conditions and possibly even back pain.

It is important to remember that foot orthotics have a wide range of uses. At Eltham Foot Clinic we prescribe both soft and harder material foot orthotics to suit your needs. There are numerous uses for foot orthotics and in particular, they offer pain relief from bunions, midfoot arthritis, corns and calluses. Designed correctly your comfort or return to activity may be sooner than you think.
Foot orthotics may not be for all people and so a discussion with your podiatrist about your footwear, activity needs and foot pain is important to identify other treatment modalities which may also be effective.

At Eltham Foot Clinic, orthotics may just be one part of the multifaceted treatment plan; this is because we consider your life style and how further to get you pain free.

How do custom foot orthotics help?
 Improve chronic and acute sports injuries
 Improve weight distribution and posture
 Shock absorb
 Alter abnormal foot function and positioning
 Improve balance
 Alter force distribution through muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

I have Diabetes, do I need orthotics?

The International Diabetes Federation recommends that all diabetics with bunions, or any other foot deformity, should wear foot orthotics to offload the areas of high pressure before diabetes related foot complications begin.
It is important you speak to your podiatrist regarding your foot orthotic advice. A podiatrist has had extensive training in biomechanics and gait analysis to determine your cause of your foot or ankle concern. We can help you identify any issues and treat them accordingly

Eltham Foot Clinic prescribes custom made, lightweight, thin and durable orthotics to correct posture and successfully alleviate pain such as:

Heel pain
Shin Splints
Big Toe Pain
Plantar fasciitis
Peroneal Tendinitis
Achilles tendinitis
Ankle Pain
Corn and callus pain
Knee pain

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