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Nail Restoration

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Dedicated to providing the latest techniques in foot care, Eltham Foot Clinic would like to introduce you to their Nail Restoration Technique.

At Eltham Foot Clinic we are faced with the daily question of, “I hate the look of my toe nails, what can I do to fix them?” Finally, it’s here and has given us the answer to thick unsightly toenails, toenails which are too small and crumbling or discoloured nails. This treatment allows us to restore your confidence in those open toed shoes, thongs, and on the beach.

Using specially formulated polymer resins, which also has widely used antifungal and antimicrobial properties, we are able to construct a fully functioning nail which in some instances can last more than three months.

The benefits of this treatment surpasses all nail salon treatments, this is sterile with no cross contamination and a podiatrist only application. We can restore your nail plate to a natural appearance , where you can then apply nail polish to the nail, apply nail polish remover to the nail or even get a pedicure. The newly formed nail feels just like a nail, is flexible and can be filed to your desired length with a seamless finish. KERYFlex is acid free and so, will not irritate your nail bed or surrounding skin the way salon systems can meaning it could be great for sensitive skin too.

It can be used to restore fungal nails, thick nails and traumatised nails. This treatment can go hand in hand with fungal toenail laser therapy to help provide coverage for a treated fungal nail, but also provide a barrier between the newly treated toenail and fungus from the environment.

Is KERYFlex right for me?

KERYFlex is ideal for patients with
Post traumatic nail changes
Horizontal ridges/Beau’s Lines
Brittle and splitting nails
Discoloured nails
After fungal toenail procedure

KERYFlex has been named as one of the top 10 innovations in podiatric care and Eltham Foot Clinic is proud to offer both fungal toenail laser treatment and KERYFlex nail restoration.

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