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Morton’s Neuroma and numb toes

Eltham Foot Clinic > Morton’s Neuroma and numb toes

Have that numb, tingling feeling between your toes? It’s likely to be a Morton’s Neuorma.

It causes pain in the ball of your foot, numb toes and gets worse wearing tight footwear or hard flat footwear. But what is it?

Morton’s Neuroma is a bening enlargement of the tissue surrounding the digital nerve leading to the toes. It occurs as the nerve passes under the ligament connecting the bones in the forefoot. It is more commonly between the 3rdand 4thtoes as a result of irritation, trauma or excessive pressure.

Unfortunately women, you are 10 times more likely to experience Morton’s Neuroma and is also more common in middle age…talk about things going down hill!

There isn’t any signs of a Morton’s Neuroma on the surface of the skin but the common symptom is a radiating pain towards the toes. The pain, numbness and unpleasant feeling generally gets worse with activity or wearing tight footwear for prolonged periods.

What can I do at home to treat Morton’s Neuroma?

The best thing you can do at home is to avoid high heel shoes and narrow shoes. Try shoes with a soft sole and broad forefoot. It may sound ugly but you can buy some great womens shoes with great styles to help you with your pain (check these, Bared, Frankie4).

Massage the ball of the foot is great too! You do need to be careful you haven’t damaged any ligaments in the area as this can also make your foot a lot worse!

The reality is Morton’s Neuroma can be a really complex problem to treat. We are luck to have an on site diagnostic ultrasound to accurately diagnose your neuroma, measure its size and provide you with more suitable treatment options based on our assessments. This may range from some simple footwear advice, padding to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot, to even as much as ultrasound guided injections.

We are a well advanced clinic that can treat all foot pain including your Morton’s Neuroma. Give us a call or book online to regain your foot health.