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Laser Fungal Nail Therapy

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Finally, a medical treatment to permanently restore those unsightly nails!

If you answered yes, then laser nail therapy could be right for you. Unsightly,
discoloured, thickened and crumbling nails could all be a sign of fungal toenail
infections. At Eltham Foot Clinic, we have treated over thousands of people for their fungal toenail infections, so why not you? To further advance our treatment and to help you get your confidence back we have introduced an innovative nail restoration treatment to rebuild your nail – no more unsightly, discoloured or thickened nails.

Toenail infections are mostly caused by fungi (Onychomycoses) and sometimes yeast. The fungi feed off keratin which is a protein in our skin. They thrive in warm, moist conditions which basically describes the insides of our shoes.
Fungal infections are highly contagious. They significantly alter the structure of the nail often causing pain. The nails become discoloured, thickened and odorous and can be a source of embarrassment for people. Fungal nail infections are not due to poor hygiene but can spread to your other toenails through poor hygiene practices.

The ARC Fox 1064nm is a world leading technological advancement in fungal
toenail infection treatment. There are major reasons as to why the ARC FOX laser is so effective. As the laser passes through the nail photoinactivation and damage to the fungal cell wall occurs. The heat generated as a result of the high intensity laser also results in the denaturing of proteins and enzymes of the nail fungus – this leads to the death of the fungus. Further, the laser causes a rise in white blood cells at the nail bed to assist in killing the toenail fungus. This is what leads to such great results for the fungal toenail laser.


Clinically proven to be effective in 75-80% of nail infections compared to 25- 30% in topical nail paints.
Simple and convenient.
Minimal pain and hassle free, no filing or painting.
No further treatment needed at home.

The procedure is safe

No anaesthesia is required

There are no side effects

There is no visible harm to the treated nail or adjacent skin

Socks and shoes can be worn immediately after the procedure

Nail polish can be applied after treatment

There is no “recovery” period after the treatment

It is important to follow the post treatment sanitization program.

During the laser treatment the laser will pass over the nail in a grid like pattern generating heat in the nail bed. At times it may feel like a pin prick sensation.

This is what podiatrists do. We are the only medical practitioners with extensive training and viewing of toe nail fungus, and the variety of treatments on the market. There are many medical reasons as to why a nail might be discoloured or crumbling and we aim to identify these issues; for example nails might be thick due to psoriasis, or concave and ridged due to an iron deficiency. We may also offer alternative treatments for your fungal toenails.

Our fungal nail laser treatment is a cost effective way for you to manage your toenail fungus, the cost is comparable to a bottle of Loceryl from the pharmacy. Nail paints are expensive, less than half effective, troublesome and tedious to apply with compliance when compared to fungal toenail laser.
Fungal toenail laser therapy is covered by private health insurance under the item number F145. Please contact your private health insurance company to discuss your rebate or any gap payment which may be owing.

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