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Ingrown Toe nail Management

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Ingrown toenail management can be simple and effective. Unfortunately, ingrown toenail can be painful, unsightly and usually get infected over prolonged periods of time. Follow this link for more information.

At Eltham Foot Clinic, we are not only able to manage your ingrown toe nail; we are able to completely resolve your ingrown toenail problems. This is achieved via a variety of methods. First, we always assess if there is a conservative option to manage your toenails and provide you with the options most likely to resolve your ingrown toenail.

Further, if these conservative options fail, we are able to permanently remove the portion of the ingrown nail while leaving the unaffected portion of nail intact. This results in no ingrown toenail, while resulting in a cosmetically pleasing nail. The procedure is undertaken in our rooms under local anaesthetic and you’re able to walk out of the room pain free. Our success rates are 98% and we regularly audit these result.

Ingrown toenail management techniques.

Adolescents have higher rates of ingrown toenails due to their growing bodies, and often small footwear, this is also why a higher incidence of ingrown toenails occurs during the winter months.

  1. To help avoid ingrown toenails, you should:
    Always cut your toenails straight across and never down the sides of the nails.
  2. Avoid wearing footwear which is too tight at the front of the foot. The same goes for tight socks.
  3. Avoid picking your toenails, or running anything down the side of your toenail which hasn’t been appropriately sterilised.
  4. Alter your activity to avoid the toenail aggravating the surrounding skin.
  5. If already suffering from an ingrown toe nail cover the area up with a simple dressing to avoid the area becoming infected.
  6. Soak your foot in warm salty water to help reduce any infection which might be present around the nail.

It’s that easy for Eltham Foot Clinic to manage your ingrown toenails. Put your feet in our hands. To get ingrown toenail free give us a call on 9431 1138 or book online.


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