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Fact: 48% of Australians aged between 35-65 years old experience foot pain once in their lifetime and 35% of people have experienced pain in the past 12 months. This is the data reported by the commissioned Healthy Feet Survey, 2017. Alarmingly, 6% of people wake up daily with foot pain.

Despite the high incidence of foot pain, close to 60% of people never receive treatment or visited a podiatrist for their foot pain and only 14% sought an intervention for their pain.

The majority of Australians experience their foot pain at either work or after exercise and so, we would love to give you some advice.

Firstly, start managing your foot pain with your shoes. Be it at work or exercising, some shoes are much better than others. In our fashion forward society, every day podiatrists are seeing foot problems which would most likely present in women. Today, both men and women are presenting with similar foot pain caused from their fashion shoes. Looking good at work is all the fad, and most of the time totally necessary, however there are some must try brands for both men and women. Women have more fashion friendly variety such as Bared Shoes – also makers of mens shoes, Zieara Shoes, FRANKiE4, Ecco – mens too. Unfortunately, men don’t have as much variety as women for their everyday work wear. I, myself, wear Hush Puppies for work and love every step I take in them. They have generally moved away from that, ‘old man look’ and are progressively devising fashion friendly orthopaedic shoes.

Importantly, don’t just look at the brand of the shoe and purchase based on that. You always buy the shoe based on your foot type and the activity you will be performing in the shoe. For example, I often see people with foot pain wear ballet flats and walk their 10,000 steps in them at work alone. They then wonder why they have foot pain. In this scenario a more structured shoe with a small heel may be best suited.

Also, never overlook a good pair of socks with your shoes, they make a big difference to sweaty feet, smelly feet, sore toes, tinea/bacterial infections and make a large difference to the comfort of your feet. The favorites are Pussyfoot/Bamboozld and Humphrey Law. They can generally be found in all different pattern styles but are also made of fantastic natural fibers.

Overall, don’t overlook the shoes you wear as a daily cause of your foot pain. An assessment of your shoes by a podiatrist, or a simple prescription of an orthotic/shoe insert can make all the difference to your comfort and foot pain on a daily basis. Purchase your shoes to the function you would like them to serve and look for the right features of the shoes for your feet, not necessarily the brand. Wear natural fiber socks and avoid cheap polyester socks.

If you’re unsure about your shoes and suffering from foot pain feel free to give Eltham Foot Clinic a call on 9431 1138. Let us get your feet pain free.

27/07/2018, Mitch